These proceedings will be commenced by way of an application following rules set out in the Ontario Courts of Justice Act and Rules of Civil Procedure. Constitutional Applications are further governed by specific sections of this legislation.  

In keeping with the spirit of the application, this website will share the status of the proceedings and any publicly available documents filed with the Court.  

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What is this challenge worth to you?  

Think about the possibilities of our win! Precedent could result in ALL provincial legislation and policy, ALL municipal bylaw and policy and all associated restrictions put in place by agencies like Conservation, Heritage, OSPCA being limited to public lands.  

If you were to spend a couple of hours with a lawyer discussing your private property issues, it could easily cost you a thousand dollars! And then you’d have to make the choice of whether to retain the lawyer and fight the legislation and policy at a personal cost of at least tens of thousands of dollars.  

But if that same $1000 were contributed to UPPER CANADA LAND TITLES AND PATENT RESEARCH INITIATIVE, which would result in the issuance of a contribution receipt for tax purposes for this joint research and legal undertaking, your money might just get the result we are anticipating. And if we win and the court awards costs, we will be apportioning the funds to you, the contributor…..because this is not for profit!  

Please consider contributing…no amount is too small or too BIG….500 contributions of $1000 should be enough to get this DONE! 

GET Your Private Property Rights BACK!

We need your help now!